Owing to the rapid growth and changing face of tourism in recent decades, there has been growing public awareness of the need to protect our mountain farming heritage for future generations. At Colombire this work started in 1996 with the opening of our small museum in the meadows. In 2005, an association was created and tasked with communicating the value of our Alpine farming tradition. Its name is : Colombire Hamlet Association


> Recreate a hamlet in the area known as Colombire and buy any buildings necessary to achieve this.

> Highlight, protect and restore Colombire’s heritage by respecting traditional values and by creating events to attract visitors.

> Demonstrate the traditional skills and know-how of the mountain folk that lived in high-altitude meadows and chalets; preserve the region’s authentic and traditional roots; develop a non-aggressive and educational tourist attraction; maximise the inherent natural potential of Colombire by working with existing tourist providers.



> Les six communes du Haut-Plateau, Icogne, Lens, Chermignon, Montana, Randogne, Mollens ;

> Crans-Montana-Tourisme ;

> Les deux Grandes Bourgeoisies de la Noble et Louable Contrée ;

> Le Consortage de l’alpage de Colombire ;

> L’exploitant de l’alpage de Colombire.


Association des Communes de Crans-Montana

Fondation du Casino de Crans-Montana

Loterie Romande

Fondation Crédit Suisse

Fondation Paul Schiller

Fondation Ernst Göhner

Nationale Suisse

Fondation Vontobel

Pro Patria